Grant Justice (tribute to Oscar Grant)

from 28 days by Monstrum Sepsis



The song "Grant Justice" should not need elaboration, but to those not close to the Oakland, Ca area it is my expulsion of feelings following last new year's execution/murder of passenger Oscar Grant by BART (bay area rapid transit) "police" officer johannes mehserle who goes on trial this June in LA. (the trial was moved due possible "local emotional entanglements" which says enough... The recorded sample for the first half of the video is completely unedited from one of the several cell phone video recordings taken from onlooking BART passengers as the train was stopped in the station on January 1, 2009.


from 28 days, track released April 1, 2010
rob wentz - samples, synth, programming, production, programming
paul karlik - programming, production




Monstrum Sepsis / WaveTangent California

Monstrum Sepsis is the music project started in late 1996 between Paul J. Karlik and Robert P. Wentz. Both started writing music in the early 90s with four tracks and amiga music trackers. Rob is a classically trained pianist raised with moog synthesizers rattling the windows, while Paul's extensive sampling and audio mangling techniques brings a level of entropy to the mix for a unique experience ... more

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